Forest Hill Village

N. Stein

I purchased a condominium in 2017 during challenging times as a buyer and used Peter and Catherine Russell as my real estate agents. I was very happy with my choice and their level of service.They were very pleasant to work with and helpful throughout the process. They provided good insights into market conditions and all the other factors which made my decision making much easier.I would recommend them without hesitation.

Davisville Village

J. McCourt and J. Crnokrak

Peter is the most professional real estate agent we have ever met. He is also a gentleman, and a pleasure to be with. Peter's depth of experience and advice were invaluable in our search for a home. He always had our best interests in mind, and knowing he was in our corner was needed reassurance in an extremely challenging market for a buyer.

Moore Park

Carol & Gary

Peter demonstrated the ‘uncanny’ ability of being able to understand exactly our wants (and needs), and has patiently helped us through buying, selling and renting! He found us our first house 20 years ago and helped us sell it in August. He did an excellent job of marketing the house and it sold on the offer date . . . above asking! He then extended his services to find us the perfect rental – right location, right property, right price.

Many thanks to Peter and his team of professionals.


E. Graca

Catherine is such a pleasure to work with. She makes what would otherwise be a daunting experience of finding a home totally enjoyable and fun. She helped us navigate through some complicated challenges with our contract and always had our best interest at heart. She drops everything to answer questions and help you because she genuinely enjoys what she does. It's like working with a close and trusted friend :) Thank you for everything!!


D. Porter

Peter Russell quarterbacked the sale of my last two homes including recently, my Yorkville condominium.

As the widower of a long time realtor professing to be semi-knowledgeable of the real estate market, I confess to being a classic “difficult client”.

Peter finessed me beautifully with his typical grace, humour and his usual straight-forward, no B.S. manner. He sold my condo setting a building record in the process and I could not be happier.

Peter delivers 100% - 100% of the time!

Hoggs Hollow

M. Ginsler and E. Ginsler

For over twenty years, Peter has helped me purchase/sell three houses in a variety of areas in Toronto. In addition, Peter sold my mother’s house, and helped her purchase a condo, and as recently as a month ago sold her condo. In every instance he has gone “the extra mile”, been kind, helpful, astute, done his research up-front, been savvy re: timing, and been a good negotiator. We will continue to use and recommend Peter as a realtor.


P. Rauthmell

For most of us, our home is a significant asset. When we began thinking of selling our home we wanted to eliminate as many unknowns as possible from the sale process. Choosing a realtor was, by far, the most important “first-step” in the decision. We were introduced to Peter Russell and were quickly convinced that he was influential in the Toronto real estate market. We discovered he is active in the communities he serves, has intimate knowledge of neighbourhoods, has been a top sales producer consistently over years, has confidence and professionalism plus employs creative home sale/buy strategies for his clients. After speaking with several potential realtors, we found Peter to be the best choice and we were proven correct when our house sold in one day.

Davisville Village

T. Goldstein and M. Huycke

Peter Russell is the consummate professional. He is knowledgeable about the current real estate market, has many years of experience to draw upon, and most importantly has integrity in his dealings with clients. We trusted Peter’s opinion when it came to making an offer on our new condo because we knew he had our best interests at heart. If ever we decided to sell our new home and move into another one, we’d want to work with Peter again.


Dr. J. Wickwire

Shirley and I bought our condo through Peter 8 years ago and sold it through him last week. He did such a superb job of marketing that it went for the asking on the first day!!! WOW To add to this he found us a new one 7 days later larger and in the neighborhood. How special can that be.

North Toronto

J. Hyndman and J. Pattison

My brothers and I want to thank you for your help with the sale of our mother’s condo.

It proved to be the perfect choice when we selected you and your team to guide us through this process. From the preparation and marketing of the condo, the listing and showings, to the grand result… a sale over list! The entire time guided by your expert advice and extensive knowledge of the real estate world.

Thank you again for the enjoyable and successful experience.

Moore Park

J. and J. Bell

My wife and I have retained Peter on two occasions within the last year, one a rental and one a property sale.

Peter provided, on both occasions, what every client seeks in a professional, quality, skilled, and totally effective service. The duplex he found for us was beyond our wildest expectations. The house he listed for us sold for the highest price attainable.

Peter is a rare and true professional. We recommend Peter without reservation.


M. Russell

I would like to thank you and your team for the professional way you conducted the sale of our home.

Selling is a difficult time. You kept us on track by taking care of all the details and minimizing the disruption to our family.

As well, thank you for helping us find a lovely home to relocate to all in a short period of time. The garage sale signs were terrific and lightened the load on moving day.


D. Lang

When we sold our family home we met with 4 realtors, all with good reputations. We chose Peter as he was the best prepared in terms of describing the competitive situation and providing excellent and very specific advice on how to approach selling the house. Once on the journey, Peter and his team truly provided full service and when it came to decision points, he always provided a well thought out point of view and perhaps even more importantly, whether we accepted his advisement or chose a different path, he always fully respected and supported each decision. Peter I totally trusted to be supporting our interests all along the way and he also demonstrated that he is a very astute negotiator. No hesitation in recommending him.


J. Paul

I have been working abroad for over ten years and Peter has the difficult task of renting my Victorian house which has many old-world charms and perhaps, in the eyes of some, not enough updated amenities. Somehow, Peter has managed to find the perfect tenants each time it was necessary. His thoroughness, and careful scrutiny of all applicants resulted in turning down many and having to spend more of his time and energy showing the house until he was satisfied that he had found responsible and respectful tenants. Peter is a master of detail and no loose end remains dangling to later cause problems for his clients.

Bathurst and Wilson

A. Ruz

Peter Russell is an outstanding real estate agent, for over a year that we've been looking for a house with his help and with his kindness and understanding about our situation we finally found the "perfect house". His professionalism and experience with his field had help us made the right decision, THANK YOU VERY MUCH PETER AND YOUR TEAM.

Casa Loma

S. Williams

Peter has assisted me in several leasing arrangements. I met him first while leasing my office space, which proved to be a challenging negotiation. He remained level-headed and calmed the waters on both sides to a successful outcome. As a result, I knew who to call when I was in a position to lease a property of my own. Let’s just say I am “particular” in my expectations, and I am sure I tried his patience, but he found the perfect tenant, and we were very happy. In another situation, Peter provided me with advice, which at the time I chose not to follow, but in retrospect he was so right, and I wish I had. Peter is experienced and knows how to read people and situations, which is why I keep coming back to him for both advice and his service. It is a pleasure to work with Peter.

Granite Place

N. Holmes

Peter’s experience and knowledge of the Toronto residential market is second-to-none; this coupled with a genuine interest in helping his clients win on both sides of the buy-sell equation lends tremendous credibility. With the “patience of Job,” Peter supported my pursuit of a very particular set of requirements in a very targeted area. His refreshing approach and commitment over several months ensured that I was well informed and on top of a finicky market. Our bid strategy was less-than-conventional and I believe, gave us an unprecedented advantage while retaining the respect of the seller.

North Toronto

M. Perry

Peter Russell has been an exceptional professional and trusted advisor with whom to work. His approach has been consistently thoughtful, honest and strategic and we have appreciated his work over many years.

Happy in North Toronto

Peter Russell and his team helped my elderly parents find an excellent (one story) condominium unit and negotiated the deal. Peter and his team also looked after the sale of the family home. They gave us excellent advice on getting the house ready for market and suggested a marketing plan. The result speaks for itself. Our house was on the market for about 2 weeks and the real estate team were able to develop multiple offers. We were very pleased with the entire sale process including the final price.

Peter listens to client requirements and as he says “the most important thing is doing what is right for the client” ……… and in our family’s case he delivered.

Yonge and St. Clair

B. and J. Felstiner

Barbara and I want to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts on our behalf to find us a new home and to sell our loved Roxborough Street West home.

Over our eighteen month association we have found you to well understand our wishes and preferences. Your interest in us never flagged. Your explanations eased our way and your enthusiasm equaled ours.

Thank you for this help.

Lawrence Park - 2900 Yonge St

M. Paterson

Thank you very much for your help in setting up my condominium to sell and for completing the sale swiftly and to a very satisfactory settlement. Your attention to all the details was very much appreciated and it was a pleasure working with both of you.

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