House/Condo Hunting


There are two areas of concern when viewing a property: The Structure and The Systems

Structural items to focus on are:

  • Roof (age, condition, material)
  • Eaves troughs. (are they functional? Do they connect properly to downspouts)
  • Windows (age, condition, functionality)
  • Foundations (condition of walls, moisture? Cracks? Is rainwater from the roof being directed away from the foundation walls? What condition are the weeping tiles around the house in?)
  • Floor drains and drainage pipes under the basement floor. Are they clear or have they been invaded by tree roots? Are they the original clay or have they been replaced with plastic piping?

Systems to focus on:

  • Plumbing: Are the fixtures working well? What is the age of the piping in the walls? IS is copper, galvanized or plastic? Is there a mixture of piping materials?
  • Electrical wiring. What is the age? What is the wiring material? Are all electrical outlets grounded?
  • Furnace: Age? Fuel used? Efficiency level?

While we will be looking closely for any red flags, for peace of mind, we recommend hiring a professional home inspector. We can recommend a good home inspector and will organize this for you.

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