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The Team

Peter and Catherine Russell have lived in central Toronto all of their lives. Peter started his real estate career in 1975 and has been selling real estate in central Toronto with great success for 42 years. Having grown up in the business, Peter’s daughter Catherine has joined the business as a full time partner. Catherine’s MBA and experience in the corporate world enhance and refresh Peter’s business.

Peter Russell

I have practiced Real Estate in the Toronto Core with great success for 42 years. While I am proud to be a consistent award winner at Chestnut Park (Chairman’s Award, Vice-Chairman’s Award), the true mark of success comes from my repeat and referral business. I feel fortunate to work with exceptional clients whom I am proud to represent.

When I began my career in 1975, there were no pagers, fax machines or cell phones. The internet had not yet been invented. I have enjoyed adapting to the changes these technological advances brought to the real estate industry. There is one thing that has not changed over the years:

The importance of putting the interests of my clients first.

While this seems simple enough, the reality is that every action I take when selling real estate must be congruent with and focussed on this imperative.

Catherine Russell

Toronto Real Estate has always been a part of my life. While living in the city that I love, I was exposed to the real estate industry at a very young age. With two parents who worked as business partners in the Toronto Real Estate market for more than 30 years, I feel very fortunate to have grown up in an industry that I am passionate about and to have learned from such capable and experienced mentors.

Prior to officially starting my career in real estate, I worked in a sales capacity in Media and Entertainment for many years. After completing my MBA, I worked in product management within the CPG industry. My years in the corporate world provided me with vast experience in sales and marketing while enabling me to hone my negotiation skills used in achieving desired outcomes for my clients. This experience enhances my ability to provide exceptional client service. It is an honour to continue my family’s legacy in helping our valued clients achieve their real estate goals.


Why Choose us

We provide you with 42 years of luxury real estate service in Toronto.

Proven professionalism and a sterling track record is something you can count on.

We put the interests of our clients first with our genuinely caring approach.

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