House/Condo Hunting

Starting your search / Online tools


Most Buyers begin their search online. and Collab are excellent search tools. Collab provides real-time updates of new listings that come to market. has a 24 hour delay. In a competitive market, the speed of information delivery is valued.  

We provide a Collab account to all of our clients.

We will help you set-up a search which will keep you updated in REAL-TIME of listings that meet your criteria.

Benefits of Collab:

  • Better Quality Searching. You can search the Toronto Housing Market with the confidence that you are not looking at expired listings.
  • Improved Communication. We also use this platform to communicate with you directly. We can see what properties you ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ giving us immediate insights into what you are looking for. You can also request a showing directly through the platform.

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