How we help you succeed

How we help you succeed

Customized Searches

In addition to setting you up on Collab, we will send you listings that match your stated criteria. We check the market daily with your interests in mind. While Colllab is an excellent tool, we also search proactively on your behalf. We think “outside the box.” Sometimes looking beyond communicated boundaries is worthwhile. We will collaborate with you in your search.  

We will book showings and take you to view properties of interest. Online searches are most informative but cannot compare with seeing property in person. When you build a mental inventory of properties that you have seen and then are sold, you develop an understanding of value which will help you enormously when you find the home you want to buy.

Personal Letters

When you are signed on with us as a client, we are empowered to go into the marketplace on your behalf and proactively solicit property that is likely to be of interest to you. Directed personal mail is one of the strategies we have used to good effect.

Peter has been active in Toronto’s residential real estate market since 1975. Over the last 42 years he has developed excellent working relationships with the City’s most seasoned and experienced Agents. This often enables us to source information on up-coming listings before they hit the market.

We also have relationships with many condominium projects, their management and concierge staff. This is another beneficial pipeline of information which we use to benefit our clients.


The Russell Team consists of Peter Russell and Catherine Russell. While we are backed up by the resources of Chestnut Park and deal with many subcontractors, we are dedicated to remaining “hands-on” with client communications.  As our clients, you have our undivided attention and we will work with you directly.

Personal Services

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