This tight-knit community is home to affluent young Toronto families who have settled into the interiors of the detached two-storey and bungalow homes. Situated between North Toronto and Forest Hill, this family friendly area may not receive as much buzz as other affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, however, it is still very much sought after by families looking for a safe, family-friendly area.

Do a quick search for Allenby on Google, and your results will be flooded with articles and information on Allenby Public School. This highly recommended school scores highest on the Province of Ontario’s Fraser School Report and is one of the reasons many families have moved to the Allenby area. Other schools in the area include Upper Canada College and St. Clement’s School. Because of the high population of families living in the area, you will find traffic calming zones, stop signs and speed bumps to increase safety.

The homes are mostly Tudor style, but have undergone renovations to meet the standards of new-aged amenities and designs. However, renovators have been very careful to preserve the original wood details and decorative accents that add lovely character and charm to the homes.

This nesting area contains transport links, top-notch recreational facilities and shopping and gourmet food shops to satisfy any foodie. Enjoy a family walk, jog or bike ride on Beltline Trail, or get involved in some of the many activities available to families at the recreational facilities.

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